About Us

We created BoomTown & Co. in 2014 with the concept of local focus with state love.  Our belief is that small towns with humble beginnings are what made our state and country great. They all have a story to tell...

The goal is to create a quality clothing brand with a mountain urban style. Not only does it feel amazing, but promotes the heritage and historical value of where we reside. The name, BoomTown & Co., was inspired by the history of the railroad boom of the late 1800's and became a nickname of our city. A little town called Blue Plum became Johnson City as 3 major railroads converged here at Johnson's Depot.  Follow this link for more on the history of Johnson City, Tenn.

Where are we?

Johnson City
127 Spring Street
Johnson City, Tennessee 37604

217 Broad Street
Johnson City, Tennessee 37604